September 1, 2013

Announcing: Living Vintage!

I realize I've been pretty quiet around here without any sort of explanation. This summer was definitely a big one for me with a lot of schoolwork, work-work and self reflection. I have had the chance to look at all the ventures I have taken on and how it is all piecing together into my life ahead of me. It's honestly relieving to come to a point where you have some idea of what you want next and how to get there.

This blog, Everyday Darling, has shaped me in many ways. I practiced time management. I learned how to carry out a long term project. I also got to strengthen my personal voice in writing which may be the most valuable thing to me. I love writing and I can't ever see a time when I won't be channeling my passions into words. That's where the next chapter comes in.

I have decided that I love writing and I love blogging, but personal lifestyle isn't the right genre for me. I so appreciate all of your views, comments and encouragement as I have carried out this blog but at the present moment I don't feel so inspired writing about my simple day-to-day life and personal style anymore. I want to write about my passions and share them with you all. That, to me, is vintage.

I am thrilled to announce that I have officially launched Living Vintage! This new site is a hub for conversation, fashion, tips and tricks all about vintage and how it fits into your life today. Vintage clothing and culture is something I am truly inspired by, and I am constantly surrounding myself with new ways to appreciate it. I am very excited to be keying into this genre for a more information based site. I would love for you all to join me by following Living Vintage. I am even more excited than ever about blogging and would want nothing more than to share that with those who have been supporting me from the beginning.

Some of the topics I'll be covering on this site include tips (like Shopping Flea Markets Like a Pro), fashion features, vintage recipes (like this Fresh Squeezed Lemonade), and just having open discussions (What IS Vintage, anyway?)

I hope to see you guys over there but I'd like to thank you again for your support with Everyday Darling. I will continue to host the site so feel free to reference for recipes, photos or anything that has caught your eye in the past.

Cheers to you, all of my dearest darlings.

June 22, 2013

My Style: Rolled Bangs!

Photos by Spencer Zidarich

Hello, my darlings! My never-ending list of responsibilities this summer has definitely put Everyday Darling on the backburner for the time being, but it doesn't stop me from updating as much as I can!

Currently I'm taking a full schedule of summer classes (yuck-o), balancing two internships and doing freelance work to try and make a dime in between all of it. It's a lot to keep up with but I decided to put in the work on the front end this summer so I could have a more relaxed year come the Fall. I'm definitely looking forward to regular schedule again. I miss having the time to work on personal projects, it's the best way for me to stay inspired.

This was a fun outfit! I decided to take my first whack at a rolled bang and it turned out...okay. I definitely need more practice but it was really fun to try a new style for my hair. As I continue to grow my bangs out I have more opportunities to do 1940s rolled hair styles (love). Hopefully those will be making more of an appearance here in the future!

What I'm Wearing:
blouse // vintage, thrifted
skirt // Necessary Objects + Ady Gluck Frankel
belt // BB Dakota
headscarf // vintage via Una Mae's
sunglasses // Urban Outfitters
shoes // Keds

May 31, 2013

Everyday Darling on The Urbaness!

The Urbaness is a new online city guide for Chicago women. It highlights great style, local business women, fun city-wide activities and more. Needless to say I have been a reader from the start! That's why, when Lizzie (the site's editor), contacted me asking if I'd like to do a guest post, I jumped at the opportunity. I love the articles they put out and I consider myself lucky to have contributed to their page.

The feature is a style guide for a weekend of fun in Chicago! Head on over to their site to read about my ideal weekend of fashion and activities out in my favorite city!

A big thanks goes out to all the ladies at The Urbaness, it was a joy working with you :)

May 29, 2013

Hello Chicago: Manifest Street Style

I consider myself lucky to spend my college years at a school as eclectic and artistic as Columbia College. The range of saturated personalities I have encountered has challenged me to dig deeper in exploring my views, my interests and (of course) my style! With so many creative minded people under one roof there's bound to be a variety of personal fashion statements, so much so that I've become more and more inspired to capture my collegiate peers photographically.

The perfect opportunity to try my first hand at street style came in Columbia's annual year-end festival, Manifest. This campus-wide arts fair celebrates the work created by the newly graduated class, which is set up in a series of department installations and performances. It's pretty amazing to see what four years of art education and individual minds can produce. I brought my camera around with me and stopped some friendly, stylish folk that I saw paroozing the festival. Here are my favorite shots!

May 16, 2013

My Style: Life These Days

As you may or may not have noticed things have been pretty quiet around there lately, but I assure you it is for a good reason! There seems to be a coorilation between my spells of dropping the blogging ball and full on craziness in the life department. I am finally closing on one of those chapters.

This winter-into-spring was all about transitions for me and boy am I ever feeling it. I really devoted myself to school this semester and I'm really proud of the work I did. I just had my last class of the year today and it feels fantastic. I love school but after wrapping 4 different team projects, (each spanning several months), I need to give my brain a break.

In addition to school I landed 2 different internships this summer: one as a Marketing Intern with Randolph Street Market and the other shooting Chicago campus street style as a Style Guru for I am honored to be working with two organizations I admire and cannot wait to jump into my new roles this summer. I feel incredibly fortunate for living in a time and place that allows me to sieze my passions and the opportunities surrounding them.

I'm feeling a bit exhausted but I'm relieved to have some beautiful Chicago days to accompany my craving for relaxation. The afternoon sun paired with a cool lakeshore breeze is idea for pairing tights with sundresses like I did with this outfit. Spencer and I love taking neighborhood walks in the mornings and stopping for coffee so we jumped on the chance the first nice day of the season! I love when he wears this cardigan, I sewed a vintage Cubs patch on it last year and it still looks great!

What We're Wearing:
dress // Modcloth
leather jacket // BB Dakota, thrifted
tights // Target
sandals // Nine West
sunglasses // Rudy's Roundup

cardigan // Urban Outfitters, vintage patch sewn by me
shorts // Topman
shoes // Nike
sunglasses // Warby Parker

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