September 24, 2012

My Style: Apple Festival Wear

Photos by Spencer Zidarich

Here's a little collection of shots Spencer and I took of each other this weekend while paroozing the Apple Fest. Exploring new neighborhoods always presents new spots for outfit pictures and Lincoln Square was no exception! This weekend was the first time I actually felt a chill this season. Somehow I reveled in that. Old feelings always seem more endearing when they are being rediscovered.

Spencer and I both opted for trench coats to fight the falling temperature. I always feel extra sharp when I have one cinched over my everyday ensemble. Trenches have that "it-factor" for me. Like this skirted trench, I always reach for it when wearing dresses. It gives the skirt room to breathe. I've had this 1950s plaid dress for many years, I bought it at my favorite vintage store in Minneapolis, Blacklist Vintage, before I even moved to Chicago. I try to pay a visit back whenever I am home. Something I always have luck with there are hatboxes. Particularly beautiful!

If you've noticed, my bangs have been looking rather shaggy as of late so apologies for the borderline angsty teenager vibe going on in this post. Getting a trim has inched its way to the top of my to-do list. Sometimes certain errands like that get lost in the crowd of other responsibilities until it presents itself right in front of my face (literally). Oh Danielle, will you ever learn?

How swoony are Spencer's leather boots? Can I have them made in my size? Please and thank you!

What We're Wearing:

1950s Plaid Shirtwaist Dress // vintage via Blacklist Vintage
Skirted Trench Coat // H&M
Fleece Lined Tights // Target
Two-Tone Leather Cross-Body Bag // vintage Dooney & Bourke, thrifted
Fabric Covered Skinny Belt // Forever 21
1960s Wool Beret // vintage via Abigail Page Antiques
Rose Detail Mary-Jane Heels // Target

 Trench Coat // Mad Men Collection for Banana Republic
Quilted Pullover Sweater // Topman
Jeans // Levi's
Leather Wingtip Boots // H by Hudson

Cheers, my darlings!


  1. I am in love with that 1950s dress! So perfect for the fall and nicely paired with the trench. What wonderful attire for the Apple fest. (Loving your blog by the way)

    1. Aww, thank you dearie! You're so sweet!
      Yours is quite lovely too, instant follow!

  2. You have amazing personal style! Impressed!


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