November 1, 2012

Style Icon: Annie Hall

I know that it's a common reaction to feel like the first of a month snuck up on us but I may never have felt more so that way than I do today. November the first? How? I feel like a need one more week of October. One week to take care of all the odds and ends that have piled up...

This time of year always makes me long for menswear fabrics in my personal style so it only seemed appropriate to dedicate the month of November to perhaps one of the most iconic characters in women's fashion history: Annie Hall.

Now I realize this choice may seem a little blase, however I decided to feature Annie because her look has continued to be a major source of fashion inspiration since the film's reveal. Countless ladies have looked to her costumed ensembles to guide them in styling a menswear inspired look. Countless ladies including me! Now that is an impressive feat.

Annie Hall. A film directed by Woody Allen. A character inspired by and then played by actress Diane Keaton. The film has held its place of acclaim and fame for both Allen and Keaton since its release. The film follows protagonist Alvy Singer (Allen) and his romantic lead Annie Hall (Keaton). The film is considered by many the hallmark of Allen's directing career and rocketed Keaton into celebrity. Annie's character was majorly inspired by Diane Keaton herself, in fact even the character name was contrived from her. Annie, being a nickname and Hall being her mother's maiden name. Annie Hall has come to be an inspiration to women not only for fashion but for independence and personal sincerity.

Annie Hall is the modern poster-child for menswear-inspired fashion. Her ensembles expertly combine tailored or typically formal pieces, like trousers and button-down shirts, with a relaxed fit. Her looks are  easy-going. It's natural yet unexpected. The style centers around menswear-inspired suiting pieces. The color palette stays neutral. Black, white, tan, ivory, grey. You get the picture. This is great because you can easily mix and match pieces.

Key pieces include:
- High waisted trousers
- Button down shirts (solids or plaid)
-Wide brim hats
-Menswear accessories (i.e. ties, suspenders etc)


Stay tuned for part two of this month's STYLE ICON feature where I style my own look inspired by Annie! 

Cheers, my darlings!

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  1. Great post- I would agree she has a fab look!

    Janine from


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