February 18, 2013

My Style: Mix It Up

I realize that there always reaches a point in the wintertime where I have to pick myself up by my bootstraps and keep plowing forward. Whether it be through sleet, rain, snow, winds, or whatnot it's not a good reason anymore to hole up inside everyday with a mug of tea and a book. It's easy to want to be a homebody when the outdoors is so unfriendly but everything else in the world adapts and so must I.

I felt myself getting gloomy and I couldn't think of why I was feeling that way. I have so much to appreciate in my life yet somehow I was still feeling a little grey, washed out. One look up to the sky and seeing it match my mood was my answer. Nothing's wrong it's just how the Midwest winters are. Grey. Washed out. Do any of you feel like this in the winter too? I've asked some family and friends and it seems like a common thing.

I decided that the best way to combat the unchanging scenery is by changing up little things in my life. Experimenting with new recipes for dinner, pursuing some creative projects I've had in my back pocket and changing up my style have all been great ways to liven up my day-to-day life. This outfit is a perfect example. I really don't mix patterns in my personal style. It's just not something I have a natural eye for. I decided that I would take the plunge and give it a shot and I actually really liked the result! I'm definitely going to keep playing around with print mixing, it's fun to mix and match until you find something that unexpectedly works.

What I'm Wearing:
Stripe Long-Sleeve Shirt // Banana Republic
Floral Midi Skirt // thrifted via Buffalo Exchange
Wide Brim Hat // thrifted
Cat Eye Glasses // Bonlook
Ruffle Scarf // thrifted
Wide Elastic Belt // Forever 21
Ankle Band Heels // Jeffery Campbell

Always, everyday
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