March 2, 2013

My Style: Fast Cat Fashion

Apologies for the terrible pun in my title: I couldn't resist! Anyways, this vintage Cheetah sweater from Peck & Peck is one of my favorite thrift finds of the year. I love bold graphic sweaters for their ability to take the standard jeans-and-a-sweater look that we Midwesterners are familiar with and make it instantly interesting. It makes throwing an outfit together in the morning that much easier when I'm running off to class.

My classes this semester are very work-intensive. I have a pretty heavy schedule these days with 3 of my 5 business classes revolving around semester-business simulation projects. Essentially I have 3 made-up businesses that I have to create a business plan for. I'm loving all the skills I'm learning and it's been inspiring me in my own creative ventures but mentally keeping the three different businesses separate as I plot out strategies has proved to be one of my greatest challenges. I'm getting excited about the future when I have a specific field I can channel all my ideas into. Honestly, I can't say what the future will bring for me but right now I'm really looking forward to seeing how my career pans out. So many options!

What I'm Wearing:
Cheetah Cashmere Sweater // vintage Peck & Peck, thrifted
Silk Button-Down Shirt // Club Monaco, thrifted
Dark Wash Skinny Jeans // Gap
1960s Fur Pillbox Hat // vintage via Seek Vintage
Leather Combat Ankle Boot // thrifted

Always, everyday
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